Fares and Cards

Information on recharges at 100% discount from January 1st 2023 (Spanish)

Rules On Board

Every passenger who takes the bus, except children under four who do not occupy a seat, must carry a travel ticket (direct payment ticket or prepaid travel ticket) that must be shown to the driver and/or the inspection service when required.

GLOBAL service prices are approved by the Single Transport Authority of Gran Canaria, an agency that operates under the auspices of the Island’s Transport Council and are established between tariff stops.

To know the price of a route between non-fare stops, the fare stop will be taken immediately prior to the place that will be the origin of the trip and then, the fare stop will be taken immediately after the trip destination.

The application of the fare in any route, is the result of multiplying euros per traveler/Km. Thus, the use of different lines may have different prices.

Direct Payment

According to order 02/2021, of the Vice President of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, the prohibition on the use of cash (coins and bills) to access our buses is revoked, so from June 1, 2021, we will accept the payment in cash, with contactless transport cards authorized by the AUTGC and payment by any bank card. (Credit or Debit).

Credit or Debit Card Accepted

All vehicles in the fleet have a Sales Terminal to accept payment of bank debit or credit cards and/or virtual cards through mobile devices with NFC (Contactless) technology.

This system allows payment of the ticket to those people who do not have a transport card or who due to the impossibility of cash payment cannot access on board.

Prepaid Cards

The prepayment is made by recharging the existing contactless cards at any point in the GLOBAL Sales Network, which will apply the corresponding discounts or bonuses, depending on the travel title.

There are 4 payment possibilities in advance in our services, through the following non contact cards. Click on any card to get more information (in Spanish) about it:

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