San Mateo: a stroll through the clouds

North Central, Midrange Mountains of Gran Canaria, located 25 kms (by road) from the capital, bordering the towns of Santa Brígida, Teror, Valleseco, Tejeda, San Bartolomé, Santa Lucía and Valsequillo.
Bus lines:
303: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – San Mateo
13: Telde – San Mateo

The Vega de San Mateo township retains the authentic rural Canary world, located in the center of Gran Canaria, 850 metros above sea level, offers spectacular sceneries, high quality natural products, a variety of Canary cuisine, dream-like rural pathways, welcoming local people, enchanting corners, lookout points, recreation areas in natural countryside and a farmers’ market every weekend.

In San Mateo you can enjoy the best views of the island from strategic enclaves. Due to its geographical location, Vega de San Mateo is a municipality rich in natural landscapes, in which there are strategic places that offer panoramic views of the summits of the Municipality and the Island. These places are the natural viewpoints.

Lookout Points

The Mirador de la Cruz y El Montañón Links of interest.

The Mirador de la Montaña Cabrejas shows another panoramic view of the town of San Mateo and the important Guiniguada basin upon its arrival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
The Mirador Degollada Becerra, located in Tejeda on the boundary of the demarcation with the municipality of Vega de San Mateo. From there you can see the Tejeda basin and visit the Interpretation Center of Nature Degollada Becerra.

The Mirador de Los Pechos, in the highest area of the island, allows us to see the two most outstanding slopes of Gran Canaria, the north slope and the south slope, and the neighboring island of Tenerife.

Accessing the neighborhood of Aríñez, through the Galaz area, Mirador Natural de El Talayón we can visit the beautiful El Talayón Natural Viewpoint that looks over Teror, Valleseco, Santa Brígida, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and part of the north coast of the island.

Although it is not common to see snow on the Gran Canaria summit until the beginning of the year, it is very interesting to visit the Pozo de las Nieves. Located at 1961 meters it overlooks the storage location of the snow at the summit for transport to the capital. The men accumulated snow in the Well for its transfer to the San Martin Hospital for therapeutic purposes, later it began to be used for the ice cream making.

Old town

The old town of the Vega de San Mateo has a very varied architecture between neoclassical, eclectic, postwar and neo-Canary. They blend harmoniously, leaving a marked passage of time. Its most emblematic buildings include the Church of San Mateo, the Hermitage of Lourdes, and the Alameda de Santa Ana, which together with the Music Kiosk and the City Hall form a very refined neo-Canary style.

Behind the City Hall there is a small entrance that leads to the current street La Caldereta, a small pedestrian alley that reminds us of the shape of the streets of yesteryear. Here is a viewpoint that allows us to see a panoramic view of the summits of the Municipality, the town of San Mateo, the Cabreja Mountain and the channel of the Ravine of Los Chorros in the direction of the Guiniguada basin.

The area of La Caldereta, the foundational nucleus of the town of San Mateo, whose name refers to a small volcanic caldera located in the area, shows representative examples of the Canary architectural style: two-storey houses, with roofs with two or four waters, integrated In the landscape. It preserves among its streets a colorful representation of outstanding buildings such as the old cinema, the House of Youth and Music (former City Hall), or the La Caldereta Exhibition Hall, an old house of Canary typology, restored and adapted for that purpose.

The La Caldereta Exhibition Hall, together with the José Martí Workshop, located in an early 19th century building on Calle Principal, and also an Exhibition Hall, represent an important cultural axis in the Municipality that intend to participate in the dissemination of Art and the Culture.

Astronomy observation site

San Mateo is among the best places in the world for astronomical observation. A sky full of stars that will captivate you.

The Roque Saucillo Astronomical Center is a pioneer facility in the Canary Islands, being in an urban center and favoring “street astronomy”. Bringing astronomy to all kinds of people in a simple and enjoyable way near home, with the latest observational technologies, taking advantage of the excellent conditions that Vega de San Mateo has for the development of this scientific discipline.

At the Astronomical Center, various informative and observational activities are carried out aimed at the educational community, tourists and citizens who wish to enjoy this exciting science. The didactic information and opening days are announced permanently through the web page and the different channels in social networks on this same page.

The facilities are located on the top floor of the municipal music school, in the urban area of La Vega. They have an extensive observational platform with 360º visibility and spectacular views towards the summit of Gran Canaria. There are several permanent platforms with advanced telescopes for observation workshops. Along with the astronomical observatory, the dome houses a state-of-the-art telescope with computerized mount, which is oriented to telematic didactic observations through scientific CCD cameras, remote connections, astrophotography and amateur research.



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